Tooth Infection and Root Canal Therapy

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The mouth is a complex interaction of many different parts, and there are a lot of things happening in it that you don’t know about. Problems can arise without proper care of your mouth, and the teeth are the most common part to have problems arise in. Beneath the teeth and gums are the roots, blood vessels, and nerves that support them, this area is called the root canal. If an infection or inflammation happens in this area a root canal treatment might be necessary to save the tooth or at least get rid of the pain.

The root canal is a set of tubes inside the roots of a tooth that allow the supporting blood vessels and nerves to supply nutrients to the tooth. If this tube gets infected, it can cause a lot of pain and potentially kill the tooth. The most common causes of inflammation are a cracked tooth, trauma, a deep cavity, or another injury to the tooth. A root canal treatment can clear out the infection and save the tooth from more pain or from dying off and needing to be removed.

To treat your infected root canal, Dr. Valerie Foster will first numb the tooth to ensure that you experience as little pain as possible. Your dentist may use medicine to prevent bacteria from growing after cleaning the inside of the cavity After that, she will remove the infected parts of the pulp and replace them with plugs that will secure the root. He will then place a temporary filling to help your tooth heal and you will return later for a more permanent filling or crown.

While many people may feel uncertain about getting a root canal treatment, it is there to help save your tooth and the doctors are there to make you comfortable. Dr. Valerie Foster is very skilled at keeping you comfortable for both the treatment at our office in Aloha, Oregon, and for caring for your tooth during recovery. Many people are unaware that the treatment is less painful than the infection, and getting the treatment can make your tooth even better than before. Teeth can even last a lifetime after a root canal procedure, and with the crown on top, no one will notice you have had the procedure done.

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