Protect Your Smile This Summer With a Mouth Guard

Summer is here and with it comes a season of fun in the sun. This could mean being more active in sports and other recreational activities where accidents could easily happen. That is why having a mouthguard is ideal, so you can avoid accidents that are both painful and costly. Here at our practice in Aloha, Oregon, we are proud... read more »

Prevent Oral Injuries with a Mouth Guard

As your friendly dental team, we never want you to have cracked, broken, loose, or lost teeth, which is why we strongly recommend the use of a mouth guard while you play sports or participate in high-contact activities. Mouth guards are small, portable appliances that fit over your smile and protect your teeth. These appliances cushion the blow to your... read more »

A Mouth Guard Could Save Your Smile

No one wants to have a painful oral accident that results in missing teeth. That is why it is smart to wear a mouth guard when you are enjoying your summer season full of athletic sports or recreational activities. Here at our office in Aloha, Oregon, we hope you enjoy this warm and fun season and want to stress to... read more »