Prevent Oral Injuries with a Mouth Guard

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As your friendly dental team, we never want you to have cracked, broken, loose, or lost teeth, which is why we strongly recommend the use of a mouth guard while you play sports or participate in high-contact activities.

Mouth guards are small, portable appliances that fit over your smile and protect your teeth. These appliances cushion the blow to your face and lower the risks of injuring your teeth, lips, tongue, face, and jaw. Wearing a mouth guard can protect your smile and prevent pain and dental work in the future. So, begin protecting your teeth today by considering your mouth guard options:

Stock mouth guards
Stock mouth guards are inexpensive and preformed, ready to wear. You can find these guards at your local sporting goods and department stores. However, these guards aren’t generally recommended by dentists because they offer little to no protection, they make talking and breathing difficult, and they cannot be adjusted to fit better. But, little protection is better than no protection.

Boil-and-bite mouth guards
Boil-and-bite mouth guards offer a large amount of protection and they can also transform to fit your smile. When you purchase the guard, put it in a bowl of boiling water. Then, take it out, put it in your mouth, and bite firmly on the guard. Next, apply pressure to the guard with your fingers and tongue. When it is fitting snug with your teeth, take it out of your mouth and let it harden. You can find these thermoplastic guards at your local sporting goods stores.

Custom-made mouth guard
If you want a mouth guard made for your specific smile, custom-fitted mouth guards are your best option. These guards are made in a dental office or dental lab and they are designed to fit perfectly over your smile. They will provide the most comfort and protection.

After considering your options, call our office today and talk to your dentist! Your dentist is more than happy to help you choose the best mouth guard for your smile.