Never Skip Flossing

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Life is busy, and sometimes remembering to brush your teeth before leaving the house feels like a big accomplishment. While regular brushing should never be skipped, there’s one part of great oral health care that people routinely skip – flossing.

Why floss?

Flossing is one of the most important things you can do if you’re looking to improve your oral health. It reaches the areas of your mouth that can’t be cleaned by your toothbrush. It also removes plaque and other debris from between your teeth and around your gum line.

What are the benefits?

Flossing is a proven method for warding off cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. By removing all the plaque and debris possible from around your teeth, you remove that many more potential instances of tooth decay. Flossing is integral if you want to avoid cavities and gum disease.

How often should I floss?

Flossing isn’t like brushing your teeth. You only need to floss once a day to get the best benefits from it, though there’s nothing wrong with flossing after a big meal when you feel food stuck in your teeth.

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