Instilling Good Oral Hygiene Habits in Childhood Promotes a Healthy Adult Mouth

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Dr. Valerie Foster and the oral care specialists at her Aloha, Oregon, clinic understand that as a parent you are deeply invested in raising your child to have a happy, healthy adulthood. Instilling good oral hygiene habits in your son or daughter sets a firm foundation for a future of good oral health.

To aid in this endeavor, Dr. Valerie Foster offers some of the following insights.

You should start brushing your child’s first teeth as soon as they emerge from the gums. This is usually the front two bottom teeth and others should follow suit over the course of their first two years. As their manual dexterity improves, you can let them play at the act of brushing. This can be done with a child-sized soft-bristled toothbrush and a child-safe toothpaste that is approved by the American Dental Association. Once they’re done playing at brushing, you can provide a little follow-up brushing to make sure their teeth have been thoroughly cleaned.

A small child’s mouth can sometimes be challenging to floss with adult-sized hands. You can try spooling dental floss around your pinky fingers or you can try using a small floss stick. As their manual dexterity improves, you can let them use the floss stick. Waxed dental floss makes flossing easier as the waxy coating allows the strand to slip between teeth, decreasing the chances that they’ll force it in place.

Of course, their regular dental checkup with Dr. Valerie Foster is also important in maintaining their oral health. This is a good opportunity to get them excited about going to the dentist, so try to make it an upbeat experience for them.

If you live in the Aloha, Oregon, area and you need high-quality dental care for your son or daughter, you should call 503-649-7011 to schedule a checkup at Valerie A. Foster, DMD.