If You Want Drastically Whiter Teeth, Come to Our Practice!

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If your teeth have set in stains and you’re looking to brighten them, schedule an appointment at Valerie A. Foster, DMD, PC in Aloha, Oregon for a teeth whitening treatment!

Our powerful teeth whitening treatment is completed in just one visit to our office. This is a quick, effective and painless way for you to brighten your smile in just a small amount of time. Here’s what you can expect when you come into our office for your treatment:

Step 1: After you are greeted, our friendly staff will make sure you are made comfortable in our of our dental chairs, and then begin to prepare you for your whitening treatment by covering your lips and gums in order to make sure they are not harmed by the whitening gel.

Step 2: The whitening gel will be applied to the surface area of your teeth.

Step 3: When you are ready, Dr. Valerie Foster will shine a special light onto the whitening gel, causing it to activate. The gel will begin to penetrate your teeth and break up yellow stains to leave your teeth noticeably bright. Our whitening treatment takes fifteen minutes. In some cases, you may need to come in twice to achieve the desired results.

If you’d like to have a blisteringly white smile, call 503-649-7011 today to schedule your appointment with us!