Are you curious about the quality of Dr. Valerie Foster’s dental care in Aloha, Oregon? Please view our smile gallery below to see real examples of the care our team can provide you. The excellence and precision of our dental services is easy to see. Feel free to contact our dental office at 503-649-7011 today to learn more and to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

tooth with decay underneath an alloy filling

tooth restored after removal of decay and restoration of enamel

misaligned and realigned teeth before and after a dental procedure from Valerie A. Foster, DMD Family Dentistry

before and after of front teeth missing enamel and then restored enamel

before and after of unhealthy teeth and then it's restoration

misaligned and discolored teeth before the dental procedure and the restoration after the procedure

teeth with metal fillings fixed with tooth-colored fillings

before photo of a missing tooth and after photo of a restored tooth

before and after example of discolored and misaligned teeth restored after a dental procedure

teeth with missing enamel restored after a dental procedure

misaligned teeth realigned after a dental procedure

discolored, misaligned teeth restored after teeth whitening treatment and other dental procedures

chipped teeth restored after a dental procedure

mishapen and discolored teeth restored to proper health after a dental procedure

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