Decay Case Image

Treat tooth decay as soon as possible to prevent more extensive and expensive dental treatment.
This picture illustrates the difference in cost for dental treatment to correct three different levels of tooth decay.

The filling is the least expensive treatment. If left untreated, the decay will spread to the pulp (nerve and blood supply of the tooth) and then endodontic treatment, a post buildup and crown is needed to save the tooth.

If the decay worsens to the gumline before it is treated, the tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with an implant or a bridge.

Our office is preventive focused. We prevent problems and perform minimally invasive dentistry in order to save you more costly future treatment.

Tooth Decay
Tooth Decay

It is important to receive the preventive care that you need in order to maintain your beautiful, natural smile. As you have seen above, the soon that you receive treatment from our dentist, Dr. Valerie Foster, the better. But no matter what stage you are in, we can take care of you at Valerie A. Foster, DMD with treatments you need, including fillings, root canal therapy, crowns and bridges, and even implants. Please explore our website to learn more, and if you have any questions, or would like to schedule appointment for preventive dentistry in Aloha, Oregon, contact our amazing team at 503-649-7011.