Dental Bleaching Treatment

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Dark foods and beverages can carry microscopic staining particles that can adhere to your tooth enamel. In time, this can make stains settle onto your teeth. If these stains are not cleaned away in a timely manner, they can penetrate deep into the tooth enamel. This often requires professional measures to effectively whiten.

If you haven’t been satisfied with your results from other whitening products, you might be interested in a dental tooth-bleaching treatment. The potent whitening agents used in our Valerie A. Foster, DMD dental bleaching treatment are the safest and most effective tools to whiten your smile.

Before bleaching your teeth, your dentist will apply a special protective gel or a rubber dam to your gums. This will create a protective barrier to keep them safe from potential irritation caused by the potent dental bleach.

The dentist will then pour a small amount of the concentrated bleaching agent into the special trays that are inserted into your mouth and held there. The duration of the bleaching treatment will vary depending on the depth of the stains in your tooth enamel. Once the bleaching procedure is complete, a special ultraviolet light can be used for additional whitening.

Once your teeth have been completely whitened, you will want to spend some time investigating the initial cause of the stains. Cutting back on dark foods and drinks or brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste will go a long way toward helping you maintain your new, bright and white smile.

If you have deeply stained teeth, or if you’ve struggled to brighten your teeth with consumer-grade whitening products, you should call Valerie A. Foster, DMD at 503-649-7011 to ask about a dental bleaching treatment in Aloha, Oregon.