Choosing between Dental Crowns and Veneers

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Choosing between dental crowns and dental veneers is often a difficult decision if for no other reason than that both treatments are highly effective and efficient in providing enhancements to your smile. If your teeth are thoroughly damaged and need additional protection, dental crowns may be the ideal choice.

One of the major advantages of using dental crowns is the durability they have to offer. Dental crowns are designed to fully conceal a tooth above the gum line to prevent further damage from taking place. Dental crowns may take more tooth enamel removal to be able to bind to a tooth, but in the event that damage should occur, they can be easily repaired or replaced if necessary.

Dental veneers are built with visual aesthetics at the forefront, and although they only cover the fronts of teeth, veneers can be fully customized for the size, shape, rotation, and color each person desires. They are incredibly thin and can last over a decade. Dental veneers are also used to help correct minor misalignments with your smile including several forms of malocclusion.

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