Are You Suffering from Halitosis and Other Related Symptoms?

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Are you suffering from halitosis and other related symptoms? Halitosis, a symptom more commonly referred to as bad breath, is a disorder that occurs from foul odors coming from the mouth. Oftentimes, bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene or infection in your mouth, but it can stem from deeper issues within your body as well.

Bad breath is a serious condition that may be an early symptom of an even more serious condition. If you suffer from bad breath, check your oral health for signs of infection, including toothaches and gum disease. Bad breath can also be caused by various other infections, including upper respiratory tract infections and liver and kidney problems.

For standard forms of bad breath caused by smoking or foods and drinks you may have consumed, mouthwash is highly effective. For more serious bad breath causes, treatment at your dentist’s office may be necessary. To lower your risk for bad breath, always maintain optimum oral hygiene and brush and floss daily. Always keep your mouth clean and clear of plaque, and avoid bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco.

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