A Mouth Guard Could Save Your Smile

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No one wants to have a painful oral accident that results in missing teeth. That is why it is smart to wear a mouth guard when you are enjoying your summer season full of athletic sports or recreational activities. Here at our office in Aloha, Oregon, we hope you enjoy this warm and fun season and want to stress to you the importance of keeping your smile safe with a mouth guard.

Mouth guards work by guarding your teeth and gums against accidental injury. A mouth guard is an essential part of your recreation or sports attire and should be worn for your oral health protection. High-impact sports often require one for your safety, yet skateboarding and other recreational activities still need a mouth guard too in case of injury.

There are many different kinds of mouth guards you can pick from. Your dentist, Dr. [doctor_ name] can create a mouth guard specifically for your smile. These are made for your unique smile and needs. Other choices are boil and bite guards or stock mouth guards, which can be found at many athletic stores.

If you are interested in protecting your smile and oral health this season, then talk to us today about a mouth guard. Our team of friendly professionals is dedicated to helping you stay in pristine oral health, and are happy to address any questions or concerns you have pertaining to your smile.