A Crown Can Be Cast from Different Materials

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A dental crown is sometimes called for to repair or restore a tooth that has been afflicted with a large cavity, lost filling, fractured enamel, or cosmetic imperfection. Here at our office, Dr. Valerie Foster recommends various crown materials based on the tooth’s location and function in your mouth.

Crowns that are made from base metal alloys and gold are known for being very durable. This makes them a good choice to restore a molar that is called upon to chew and grind tough foods.

Porcelain crowns are often called upon to restore a tooth in your smile. The porcelain material can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth, making it appear as if it was one of your natural teeth. This type of crown might also be called for in conjunction with dental veneers. This might also include a tooth needing cosmetic restoration but it lacks sufficient enamel to anchor a veneer.

If a premolar is evident at the edge of your smile, your dentist might recommend a porcelain crown fused to a metal core. This will give the tooth the added integrity to bite down hard.

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