5 Tips on Tooth Decay Prevention

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Are you interested in preventing tooth decay? If so, we are happy to help you! Tooth decay generally occurs when your smile is not properly cleaned often, you frequently eat and drink sugary foods and drinks, and you do not attend your six month checkups. After the decay begins eroding your tooth, you generally feel extreme pain and sensitivity. Are you ready to strengthen your smile and eliminate the risks associated with tooth decay? If so, great! If you do the following things, you will achieve success as well as a healthy smile:

1. Brush your teeth frequently with fluoride toothpaste after you eat or drink. If you can’t brush after each meal or snack, rinse your mouth with water.

2. Rinse your mouth with bacteria-killing or fluoride mouthwash at least once a day. This will nourish and strengthen your smile and give you the best chance at fighting tooth decay.

3. Attend your dental checkups twice a year. These professional cleanings are very beneficial and they not only prevent tooth decay, but they also prevent other dental issues, like periodontal disease.

4. Consider shielding tooth decay with dental sealants. Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are painting onto the surfaces of your teeth. They are great options for back molars and for children who are prone to tooth decay.

5. Eat the best foods and drinks for your teeth. We recommend eating and drinking milk, meat, water, cheese, fruit, and vegetables. We do not recommend eating and drinking sugary foods and drinks like soda, cookies, cake, and candy. However, if you do eat or drink these sugary products, remember to brush your teeth as soon as you are done eating and drinking them.

Call our office today if you want to learn more about preventing cavities! We look forward to helping you improve and maintain the health of your smile.