5 Steps to Quitting Your Smoking Habit

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As you pull your cigarette from your lips for the very last time, it’s important that you move on with success, and we are here to help you do just that! Quitting a habit like smoking is a tough and tiring thing to do, but there are things you can do to help make it a bit easier. Some of those things include:

No. 1: Have a plan
The best way to quit smoking is to begin with a plan. Pick a day to finally stop. Then, use your plan, stay strong, and don’t give in. You can also receive free tools online at smokefree.gov or you can call this toll-free number: 1-800-QUIT-NOW for tips and advice. You can also download an app to track your progress.

No. 2: Don’t do it alone
Make sure you have the support of your loved ones when you quit. This will help you stay motivated and determined. Tell your family and friends that you have decided to quit, ask them for support, and give them an idea of what they can do to help you. We also recommend spending time with people who do not smoke as well as talking to your friends who have also quit the habit. They can give you the advice you need.

No. 3: Stay busy
Replace your smoking habit with a healthy habit like exercise. This will keep your body in tip-top shape and will keep you distracted. You can also make dinner and movie plans with your non-smoking friends. Throughout the day, keep your mouth busy by chewing sugarless gum. This will give your mouth a healthy distraction and will also prevent cavities.

No. 4: Avoid smoking triggers
It’s best that you stay away from people, places, and things that tempt you to smoke. Some things that could make you want to smoke include stress, alcohol, coffee, and spending time with people who use tobacco products. Make sure you throw away your cigarettes, lighters, and ashtrays and only go to places that do not allow smoking.

No. 5: Reward your accomplishments
Each hour that goes by that you are smoke free is an accomplishment, so reward yourself as the day goes by! This will help you stay motivated and clean. Just think, with all of the money you are going to save on cigarettes, you will be able to receive many rewards or even one big reward!

Smoking is a very dangerous and unhealthy habit, especially for your mouth. The habit can increase your chances of developing gum disease and oral cancer. These health conditions can ruin your smile as well as your life, and we are so happy you have decided to kick the habit. If you would like additional help from your dentist, please feel free to call our office today and schedule an appointment. We are happy to help you!