4 Treatments That Will Give You a Stunning Smile This Christmas

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If you are one who wishes for a beautiful and stunning smile this Christmas, we are happy to help you! There are many options in dental care that can help you finally achieve the smile you have always wanted, and some of those options are:

Dental crowns
Dental crowns are strong and successful restorations that cover the entire visible portion of your unattractive or injured tooth. This treatment is also known as a dental cap, and it is a great option if you have a discolored, misshapen, or broken tooth.

Dental bridges
Dental bridges are perfect treatments if you wish to replace your missing permanent teeth. This is a great option if you have one missing tooth or several missing teeth in a row. The placement of the bridge does not require surgery, and it offers long-term results.

Teeth-whitening treatments
Teeth-whitening treatments are helpful when you want a whiter and brighter smile. There are many options available, like over-the-counter treatments, professional whitening trays, and in-office treatments. Each one of these treatments can help you reach the smile you are looking for—just make sure you choose one that works perfectly with your smile.

Dental veneers
Dental veneers are beneficial cosmetic treatments that simply disguise the imperfections of your teeth. These products are wafer thin and they are glued to the front surface of your discolored, unattractive tooth. Once the veneer is placed, your smile will be perfect once again.

With these four dental treatments, you will have your dream smile in no time! So, if you’re interested in any of these options, we encourage you to call 503-649-7011 today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Valerie Foster. If you come into our office soon, you will have a beautiful smile just in time for the Christmas holiday! We look forward to helping you.